Beginning of a Vision


I first travelled to India in January 2011 and within days fell madly, deeply in love. At first that love was the crazy,  rushing kind of mixed up emotions, roller-coaster fantasy and the deep astonishment of being of the world but not recognising your place in it any more. In further trips, it turned to a deeper sense of belonging, later that intensified to one of purpose.

I had understood my duty to India very early and had contributed in my own small way to the misery and suffering I saw around me. First with individual contributions and later through collections via friends and acquaintances but each time I would return, I had an ever growing feeling of ‘it’s not enough’ and ‘I can do better than this’. Accompanying this commitment to India was also the increasing knowledge that I was becoming more and more dissatisfied with my corporate job.

Aiming to address both issues in one swoop, I searched intensively for a new job with a liveable wage in the charity sector. I reasoned that this would ease my corporate disatisfaction while increasing my skill set for my Indian vision. The search was unsuccessful. With neither qualifications nor official  experience in this area I was unable to even secure an interview in this most coveted area. Entry level positions would neither pay my rent nor utilise my skillset, so at the end of my last trip in September 2013, I was left with no option but to consider creating the framework for my own vision although the idea was both overwhelming and frightening. Encouraged by Julia and motivated by an early funding success I made a leap of faith and United for Hope was born.

United for Hope, Tara


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