The United for Hope Vision – Empowerment not Assistance


I have been asked by a few people to provide more details on our work and on our vision. I’ve taken the description below for our in-progress blog. It’s an ambitious vision but, we believe, achievable. Our vision combines community & inclusion with sustainability. Our guiding vision is that all development activities must be sustainable to be successful. This sustainability has three core areas:

1. Complete participatory process on the part of the community. United for Hope plays the role of facilitator, enabling the people to use their own leadership, initiative and decision making capabilities to create social and economic transformation. This is done through fully transparent and cooperative decision making processes and village ownership of the direction of development. Change will only occur when the motivation for development comes from the villagers themselves. It is an issue of empowerment, the root of sustainable development.

2. All projects are undertaken in the most environmentally way possible. Using the abundant natural resources in the fields of energy, agriculture, construction & health, projects will be designed to combine maximum benefit to the community with minimum impact of the environment.

3. Fully inclusive community living to embrace the most vulnerable in society especially women, children, disabled and the elderly in managed & sustainable community refuges. The greater community is to be governed by a self-written community charter which outlines the ethical conduct for fair and harmonious community living with special attention given to the empowerment of women and their involvement in the community decisions.

United for Hope, Tara


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