A Week of Milestones

UfHlogoIn 4 days I will leave for India for what will be an incredibly packed 22 days. It’s also been a week of reaching milestones and it soothes my heart to know that everything is coming together just as it should.

After weeks of working on the logo, we finally reached our final design and we love it. It’s not only beautiful but rich with symbolism. Coming to this result was possible because of the passion, care and love instilled into its creation by the designer, Michele. Later a creative exchange of ideas built upon her initial suggestions and the outcome then seemed to take a life of its own developing vibrant symbolism. The design emanates from a central circular point, much as a mandala does. A mandala is found in many different cultures and religions, from Buddhism, Hindu, Celtic & Native Americans among others. The Sanskrit meaning of mandala is circle. The circle is a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness.

From the centre of the design many water drop shapes combine to create a form reminiscent of the lotus flower, which is replicated in the overall shape of the design. The Lotus Flower is of significant importance in Buddhism & Hinduism as well as many other cultures, both modern and new. The meanings are widespread but incorporate such values as beauty, pureness, perseverance, fertility, spirituality and the circle of life.

The petals of the flower are filled with fingerprints of many colours, showing how each and every individual regardless of background or character can make a contribution to the whole. Finally, we have used green the colour of hope to give prominence to the word itself.
The website is also finished and can be found here.

This too has been a real labour of love with many people offering their time and skills to bring it together. We are happy with the result and feel that it is a good base for showcasing the stories, projects and donation efforts in the next weeks and months.
This week too saw us receive official confirmation of our NGO status in Germany. After several months of bureaucracy and paperwork, we’ve reached this essential milestone and are now in a position to build out our fundraising activities.

The projects themselves have now been defined and we will work with two partners in India to build toilets, conduct WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) trainings, erect solar street lighting, do water testing and work with the local school. The teams are already preparing and the first will arrive next week to do the village profiling which is so important for us to understand and cooperate with the village better. I will report on this projects in detail in the next weeks.

My hallway is packed full of toys, clothes and school supply donations and I’ll be arriving with loaded suitcases to India for distribution in the village.

Best of all, we have been inundated with offers of help, of support and of possible future cooperation. We are deeply grateful to everyone for accompanying us on this journey and we are excited to get started. United for Hope, Tara


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