International Women’s Day – Giving India’s women a voice

Although I would consider myself neither a feminist nor an activist, I’ve always been fascinated by strong women in history. By women, who stood up for their rights, who found a way of expressing themselves in a male dominated world, whether in politics, science or through arts or literature. My bookshelf is full of works and biographies of great women. It was somehow no surprise that I decided to write my master thesis on Simone de Beauvoir, one of the founders of modern feminism. And somehow it was also no surprise that during my first experience as an aspiring journalist at a local newspaper, on a grey and cold March 8 back in the Nineties, I volunteered to interview the people in the pedestrian zone about what they think about the International Women’s Day. The reaction was very mixed. Not only men, but also some of the women I talked to, considered such a day to be superfluous. In Germany, for women there was no need to complain and to demonstrate, they said. They can vote, they can have a job, they can lead an independent life.
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„Why to dream? It will remain a dream.“ A deeply moving encounter in Chandigarh

India, here I am again. Seven weeks in my home away from home, in this compelling, special country, where beauty and horror, wealth and poverty, happiness and sorrow are so close to each other and where saddening and sobering moments that make you ask „Why?“, are mixed with feelings of gratitude and humbleness. A country, that after so many visits doesn’t seem strange anymore but like a place I belong to.

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