Happily ever After: The end of an internship with United for Hope

WP_000795 (1)Federica at our offices

I have no idea how it happened, given that it seems to me I came to Munich three days ago, but my “international fairytale” with United for Hope is coming to an end. I postponed writing this article so many times because it sounds like a statement that my internship is almost done and I was trying to avoid admitting it. This already gives you an idea about my evaluation of these three months:). Anyway, I suppose this is the “all things considered” moment so, what I learned with United for Hope is that:

  • The United for Hope princesses do not move to wonderland, in compensation they fly to India to manage activities that a regular princess cannot even think about;
  • If you are a United for Hope superhero, you don’t have to face dragons or wicked witches, but grants applications, website structures and budget templates sometimes can be even more black-hearted;
  • The same team of superheroes can be stuck in a meeting until 11 at night, but never without fresh beer or chocolate cookies;
  • Your knight in shining armour may probably not arrive riding his white horse, to make up for it he will come driving a big yellow three-wheeler, ready to install water facilities in some fabulous Indian hamlets in the middle of nowhere;
  • One fine day, you’ll wake up thinking about ways to get people water pumps and drainage systems as if it is the most natural thing in the world;
  • No matter how foolish it looks: never ever doubt that you can change the world.

So between applications, press releases, articles, organization of events, Indian dinners and German beers, my last three months ran by and besides all the things I learned I feel I also earned new skills, new awareness about many social problems, a lot of German friends and an obsession for a trip to India. No doubt, I can go back to Italy happy, ever after. Thank you and good bye United-for-Hope-superheroes, I will miss you. Federica for United for Hope