“I am mainly expecting to come back older and wiser”


Alexander is a 19 year old German-US student from Munich heading to India for the first time for 2 months to volunteer for United for Hope.

How did you get involved into United for Hope ?

I met Tara thanks to my mother, who already knew her. Indeed, she was already helping Tara with the website and was also working as a treasurer for the organisation.

At that time, I was still going to school and I was wondering what to do in the future. The only thing I knew is that I wanted to travel and broaden my life experiences. When my mother introduced me to Tara, I realized that volunteering with United for Hope could be a great opportunity for me to visit India and see something of the country beyond being a tourist.

When will you start working with United for Hope ?

I am about to start now. I am leaving to India in the next days, and I will stay for 2 months.

What motivate you in working for United for Hope ?

I am especially interested in the education aspect. I already did some tutoring within my school. It is something I like. If the kids in India are willing to learn, then it will be the best part. Thus, this is a personal experience for me as well.

What makes you happy in general?

I am happy when I spend a good day. I am happy when I can feel fulfilled about what I am doing. I am happy when I am learning something new, when I am challenging myself, when I am playing guitar, when I meet my friends or my girlfriend.

What are your expectations about your experience in India?

Some people tell me to not expect anything, because it will be different from everything. But I am mainly expecting to come back older and wiser… and thinner !

Where do you see yourself in the future ?

I am still a student, so for now I am still planning on studying next year. I am quite influenced by my grandfa who was an engineer.

What’s your motto ?

« Take it easy »

How would you describe yourself ?

Above all, I am happy. I am a person who generally gets along well with people. But I have to say that sometimes, I can be shy, especially when I am outside of my comfort zone. I am as well kind of clumsy. And I am honest !